BronyCon 2013

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BronyCon 2013

Postby SilverlightPony » Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:23 am

So, I got back from BronyCon last night.

It was fucking awesome.

All my pics and vids from the convention are at the following link for now (this is only temporary):

Pics are being transferred to the following Imgur album (most of them should be there already, but I need to double-check):

Vids will be uploaded to my YouTube account, probably tonight.

Once I've made sure everything is uploaded somewhere else, I will be deleting them from my Dropbox and removing that link.

So, who else was there? I know about a half-dozen of the folks from the FoE Radio Play crew were there (that's Dalken in the pic with the Luna cosplayer, not me), and I know there were a few people cosplaying as FoE characters (at least two Littlepips, I think two Calamitys, and I heard there were a couple of Blackjack cosplayers).

Also, swag.

(pic's too big! here's a link)
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