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Project Horizons
Author: Somber
Last Update: Epilogue: Tomorrow - Aug 29th, 2015 (Total: )
Description: Forced into the life of a security mare, Blackjack is far more interested in eking out what fun she can in the dim halls of Stable 99. All that changes as she becomes enveloped in a plot that not only endangers her stable but the remaining world as well.
Pink Eyes
Author: Mimezinga
Last Update: [epub] Official eBook Edition - Apr 1st, 2016 (Total: )
Description: Hope is the faith of the young. Losing everything she holds dear, Puppysmiles embarks on the adventure of her life to find her mother, her hopes of meeting her again driving her through the horrors of a world not of her making. Too bad the Wasteland…
Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments, The
Author: Wanderer D
Last Update: Fallout Equestria Pt. 2 - Sep 12th, 2019 (Total: )
Description: Be Awed and Amazed by the tale of Sweetie Belle as she traverses the multiverse in search of her lost mentor and friend, Twilight Sparkle! Will she find her in post-apocalyptic Equestria? Or maybe in a strange world where everypony is the wrong gender?…
New Roam
Author: Delvius
Last Update: PROSCRIPTIO! - Sep 14th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: Goldwreath is a generally calm, logical, if slightly overdramatic, stable pony in a stable in Equestria. Or is he? Finding himself in the Zebra Nation, within the crumbling ruins of the Zebra capital of Roam, he Faces the product of war on the Zebra…
Silent Ponyville
Author: ReifuTD
Last Update: Chapter 12.4: In Bullets and Butterflies-Never Ending - Sep 24th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: Littlepip, Hero of the Equestrian Wasteland is unexpectedly pulled from retirement when she finds herself mysteriously wondering around the dream like world of Silent Ponyville, One of Stable-Tech’s most ambitious projects to save Equestria from…
Blank Slate
Author: Integral Archer
Last Update: Chapter XVIII - Jul 13th, 2013 (Total: )
Description: [i]“Of what does the existence of the stable dweller consist? Two words describe it entirely. Finiteness is one of those words. . . . The other is monotony.”[/i] No two words better encapsulate the life of Littlepip, Stable…
Viva Las Pegasus -- Tails of New Pegasus
Author: hailetheking
Last Update: Chapter 12: Wedding Crashers - Feb 23rd, 2014 (Total: )
Description: While Farsight and his group are playing the big leagues, they seem to forget about the humble New Pegasian. Enter Brawny Boulder, veteran wastelander and OG turned guard under the newly formed New Pegasus City Council. Being such a... gifted individual,…
Author: BruinsBrony216
Last Update: Chapter 117: Page 117 - Sep 23rd, 2019 (Total: )
Author: CivilWarPony
Last Update: Chapter 5: Part Five: Everything Ends Someday - Apr 24th, 2014 (Total: )
Description: Equestria's fate changed forever on The Last Day, when magical fire rained down across the land. Many perished when magical fires scorched the land and sapped the life from the surface of Equestria. In that destruction everything changed for in the…

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