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Thursday, December 19th, 2013
Cloppenhagen: Once a large trade city at the south most border of Equestria. Cloppenhagen was trading with anyone who had things to trade and bits to buy, but once the war started, the trade with the Zebra lands started to stop, even if the city was still willing to trade with the foreign country. When the bombs fell, it landed outside the city, so it wasn’t irradiated, but it was still hit by the shockwave. When the ponies of Cloppenhagen emerged from the Stables in and around the City, they started rebuilding the city as best as they could; it took years, but eventually they created what was more or less a society; they even went to the Zebra lands and established trade with the remaining Zebras in an effort to help them restore their country as well as themselves. Now 2 mares from the only stable left in Cloppenhagen goes into the wasteland, to seek adventure, and maybe find grand treasures from the past.

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