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Professor Natsirt-Sama
Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
Last Update:
Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
Tragedy, Sad, Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe
Long ago, a warrior fought for Equestria. The great warrior was corrupted by the Nether, and disappeared from the face of the world. One thousand years later, the warrior returned to heed the call for war. They fought against the Zebra's until the end, when the world was bathed in the fires of the megaspells. Once again, the warrior vanished, when Equestria needed them most. Two hundred years later, a tremor shot through Equestria, and the warrior returned. Their mission was clear, find those who could restore the world. Never again would the warrior forsake his home.
Sep 20th, 2014
Sep 20th, 2014
Oct 14th, 2014
Oct 12th, 2014

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