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Saturday, December 12th, 2015
Last Update:
Thursday, November 26th, 2015
Adventure, Crossover, Dark
Route 117. The Red Vein. The largest supply route for Red Eye and all slavers. Any and all who walked it had a chance to capture or be captured. But when Littlepip, The Lighbringer, brought down three armies and returned the skies to the surface that all changed. But not for the better... When one flag lowered, hundreds more were raised. Gangs and clans were created, towns were left lawless, and warlords were forged from the new conflict. All are fighting to control the supply line and claim the slave king's throne. And as the turf wars grow larger and the gangs grow desperate, all who live along this route wonder if the ones left standing will save The Red Vein. Or raze it to the ground.
Nov 25th, 2015
Nov 26th, 2015

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