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Ron Jeremy Pony
Saturday, September 3rd, 2016
Last Update:
Sunday, July 22nd, 2018
Adventure, Alternate Universe, Human
Waking up, being alive, and finding out you're in a magical land of ponies would normally be a good thing. But there are some times where with the horror of the world around you, the terror facing you, and uncertainty leaning in ends in feeling lost. The Vault Dweller has been asleep for two hundred-sixty years. Kept alive in his cryogenic pod, and recently released into a world he knows nothing about, is completely unprepared for, but still must find his way around. On top that somehow his vault, and fellow human popsicles, have found themselves in a magical land of ponies that has been ravaged by an insane war that happened to them several hundred years ago. With little to go on, and only a few he could call friends, our friendly Vault Dweller must travel the war torn Equestria in search for more of his kind, to figure out what his new purpose is, or to create it. (Based heavily off of Fallout 3 and Fallout Equestria. Huge Props to L0rd0f7hund3r for looking it over for me.)
Sep 1st, 2016
Sep 1st, 2016
May 13th, 2017
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May 21st, 2017
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Jul 22nd, 2018

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