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Tuesday, March 27th, 2012
Dark, Crossover, Adventure
Sunshy is a timid buck, often mistaken for a filly. He's a pegasus with strong similarities to Fluttershy. Everyone seems to think he is her reincarnation, but it seems to be a good thing. Stranded in the Everfree Forest, he finds his special talent is helping animals and healing. He has a strong affinity with the unchanged Manticores. After being named a Dashite by his own people, followed by even more tragedies, he leaves Equestria and finds himself in the land of Zebras. How much will his life change in such a harsh wasteland after the cushy life he has lived?
Oct 25th, 2011
Oct 29th, 2011
Oct 31st, 2011
Nov 2nd, 2011
Nov 6th, 2011
Nov 24th, 2011
Dec 3rd, 2011
Dec 13th, 2011
Dec 17th, 2011
Dec 21st, 2011
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Jan 21st, 2012

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