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Saturday, October 13th, 2012
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Sunday, October 14th, 2012
Dark, Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe, Human
Rhythm is pretty calm and collected for his predicament. All alone living in an old Stable. Donning the cutie mark of the fearsome Powerhoof he obtained when first entering the Stable when he was young, as well as a Pipbuck, he uses his incredible hoof to hoof combat prowess to overwhelm any bandits or raiders that wandered into his domain. He also discovered that he has an unprecedented ability to simply shrug off most small arms fire giving him the amazing ability to not die. This all ties to strange dreams he has about humans. Most specifically human video games and human music. He has no idea what they are but he knows they say some rather interesting things and they influenced his personality greatly. One day Rhythm noticed that his food dispenser has stopped functioning, or rather stopped dispensing food. He had long since consumed all the rest of the food in the cafeteria and it seemed like he had no other choice but to travel into the Equestrian Wastes. Usually he only left to head down to a passing trader, but they only came once a week. This time he had to truly venture out. He had to brave the wastelands and find food and maybe even a new home.

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